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E-mail troubles solved

The return of the spam flooding has informed us that our beloved email address has started to work again. If you have to tell us something, this is the right moment ;-)

RealSpectrum R14B available

Ok, we promised that R14 was the very last version of RealSpectrum but we lied: here is a tiny update that fixes a small but possibly annoying bug in the RZX menu (RS32 only!), plus it brings a new feature: CodeMasters CD emulation. Go on with the official release notes for more information!

MakeTZX 2.33 and CSW 2.00 released

We have updated our toolset for TZX conversions. The new versions include new features and bugfixes, which you can check here. As usual, surf to the MakeTZX page for the downloads. Brief release notes are available here.

We will attend the first Varese Retrocomputing conference held in Varese, Italy, on Sunday April 27th. During the presentation we'll show a preview of RealX, our next-generation emulator which will soon replace RealSpectrum. For more details about the conference program and location, please click on the title banner to be taken to the official website (in Italian).

Il 27 Aprile saremo al Varese Retrocomputing 2003, durante il quale mostreremo per la prima volta un'anteprima del nostro nuovo emulatore RealX, il successore di RealSpectrum. Siete tutti invitati alla conferenza, dove ci saranno moltissimi pezzi rari sullo Spectrum; l'ingresso e' gratuito! Per maggiori informazioni cliccate sul banner del titolo.

RealSpectrum beta 13 "Katun" for DOS and Windows

Here we go with another update of our Spectrum emulator, this time in two versions: for DOS and for Windows. Get it from the usual download page and don't forget to read the release notes for the full list of changes since the previous version.

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This is World Wide Ramsoft, the official web site of the italian ZX Spectrum demogroup funded in 1987. Here you will find our self-produced software, technical documentation and links to other interesting Spectrum sites.

Benvenuti a World Wide Ramsoft, il nostro sito ufficiale. Ramsoft è un demogroup italiano per lo ZX Spectrum fondato nel 1987. In queste pagine potete trovare il nostro software autoprodotto, documentazione tecnica e link ad altri siti interessanti per continuare a seguire il mondo del piccolo mostriciattolo nero.

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