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CC000 dentro competition 15 Mar 00

The Chaos Constructions 000 intro compo has ended. Here is the full pack on dentros, which contains also the official ranking.
First demos from Phat9 demoparty! 25 Sep 99

Still nothing official about this demoparties. Neither productions nor results list, just two entries you can download right here: Bunch of Arse borntro/trackmo and Crapmo 2 (no other name could fit better than that for this program, IMHO). More infos and entries coming soon!
The Summer '99 demoparties! 31 Aug 99

Another summer demoparty with new loads of demos, graphics and music to enjoy! See the new Paradox '99 and Doxycon '99 sections for the official compo results and the downloads. Besides, here are the first entries from DI:HALT, whose complete results should come in soon.
Anamnesis fix 22 Aug 99

Anamnesis, the winner of the CC999 democompo, has been updated with a new version which now runs also on emulators. The older version has been replaced in the CC999 section.
Chaos Constructions 999 6 Jul 99 [Fatality]

Here are the quick official results of the CC999 demoparty:
    Lovekind by Diver/UB
  1. Anamnesis - Real Masters
  2. Jam - Digital Reality
  3. 63 bits - Accept Corp.
    4K Intro
  1. C2H5OH - Serzh
  2. Beyond - (?)
  3. Millenium - Constellation
  1. Together with me - EA/ATS
  2. Unreal2 - DJ.SERZH
  3. Apocalypse - Mmem /Sage
  1. Dream - Fil/ATS
  2. Lovekind - Diver /UB
  3. HrumHrum - Hero Discovery
See our CC999 section to download the stuff and for the full list of results. Also visit the CC999 homepage, Chaosite, Fatality and here
"Forever" final version 5 Jul 99

The post-party version of Forever (Digital Reality) has been released. You can download it from the Funtop '98 page.
Vortex music system 5 Jul 99

Like the famous YM format, V_Soft's VTX files store music from ZX Spectrum and other AY-based computers like MSX and Atari ST. The Vortex player is available as a WinAMP plug-in and sounds very good. Try it with this special song, the Second Reality main tune... There's also a converter from PSG to VTX files.