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Enlight '97 and E96

Last updated: September 13th 1997

Here are some competition entries from the Enlight '97 demo party and they really look IMPRESSIVE! Plasmas, bitmap rotations and zooming, motion blur, dots landscapes and vectors are common PC demo effects, but watching them on a humble Spectrum is something completely different. Get a TRDOS compatible emulator and get ready for a unique visual experience!

About Enlight '97

The party was canceled after the first day due to public order reasons, so most of the competitions were not held and no results will be available at any time. Luckily, the Spectrum compo was run before the disorders but results are not available. Go to www.enlight.ru for more information.

Title  Format  Author Size
Binary Love TRD  Digital Reality   169K 
Power Up Final TRD Megacode  446K 
Excess TAP ZER0 68K
Brain Crash TAP Progress 43K
Noumenon TRD Noumenon 42K
Brain Surgery TAP Rush 33K
Real Action TAP Reaction 25K
Shit 4 Brains TRD Progress 177K
 Bizarre Construction TRD Beermans 49K
Ecstatic TRD Antares 75K
Eye Ache II TRD  Code Busters  198K
E97 GFX collection TRD Various 505K
 E97 Music collection TRD Various 607K

Enlight '96

The whole Enlight '96 collection is available for download. The package contains all the entries for all the competitions, as long as the official results.

Download Enlight '96 full package (626K)