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Funtop '98

Last updated: July 6th 1999

Here are the UNOFFICIAL extended results of the FunTop '98 demo compo held in Moscow on August 22nd. Check here for photos from the party place. Many thanks to MacBuster/Extreme for providing the list.

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Demo Compo

 Place  Title Author Format  Platform 
 1.   Refresh (¹)   Extreme   TRD   Pentagon 128 
 2.   Forever (final)  Digital Reality   TRD   Pentagon 128 
 3.   Blame  Extreme + Stars of Keladan   TRD   Pentagon 128 (²) 
 4.   5 Element  Eternity Industry   HOB   Pentagon 128 
 5.  AdrenalZ  Global Corporation   HOB   Pentagon 128 (²) 
 6.   Emergency Real Masters Group  HOB   Pentagon 128 
 7.   Tv-X Die Krupps  HOB   Pentagon 128 
 8.   Crazy love Power Group  TRD   Pentagon 128 
 9.   Tyranny Syndrome  HOB   Pentagon 128 
 10.   Boom ?/ETC/?  HOB   Pentagon 128 
 11.   Enthropy ZX-Maniacs & MHCG  HOB   Pentagon 128 
 12.   Garlic respiration /?UFO/?  HOB   Pentagon 128 
 13.   Katharsis  Master Home Comp. Group   HOB   Pentagon 128 
?.  Morbid visions Tankard/Asphyxia  HOB   Pentagon 128 
?. Pressure CyberPunks Unity  N.A.   Pentagon 128 
?. Devotion Antares N.A.  Pentagon 128 
?. Funtasy Oops  HOB   Pentagon 128 
?.  Airspace Ivan Roshin & Visual  HOB   Pentagon 128 

(¹) - This pack includes a bonus image collection from TeeRay and the 4k-intro G.O.A.
(²) - This demo is made to run on Pentagon 128. However if you look this demo using X128 emulator, you have to switch to Scorpion 256 emulation mode otherwise the demo won't work or digital sounds will be corrupted. This is probably due to some bug in the emulator and not to the demo itself (sometimes using a TR-DOS v5.03 ROM image instead of v5.05 can solve problems).

Demo and Other Compos collections

 Item   Format   Size 
 Demos collection (1/3) TRD  383 Kb 
 Demos collection (2/3) TRD  484 Kb 
 Demos collection (3/3) TRD  412 Kb 
 4k intros collection TRD  63 Kb 
 Graphics collection TRD  255 Kb 
  Music collection TRD  100 Kb 

Special releases

 Title   Author   Description   Platform   Format 
GOA  Exploder / Extreme   4k intro + sources   Pentagon 128   TAP - TRD

For more infos visit the Fun Top '98 official page.