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Can you name some Sinclair products other than Spectrum, QL and C5? And peripherals other than Microdrives and Interface 1? Enjoy the trip and take care - this page contains lots of graphics!

Mini TV
This mini tv was presented at the Cebit international exposition in 1985. Noticeable for the great miniaturization.

Talking watch
Another Sinclair presentation at the Cebit '85. This watch is another example of Sinclair's advanced technology in miniaturization. Apart from the classic time functions, it was able to speak and tell the hour and it had a built-in radio tuner. Quite ugly, indeed...

A wonderful interface from MGT (Miles Gordon Technology, who also created Sam Coupe). Features: 800K 3.5" floppy disk adapter, snapshot button (on the left), parallel printer port (on the right), two standard Atari joystick sockets scanned as Sinclair and Kempston (at the top corners) and Interface I compatible network plugs (near the joy sockets). It was also available in the Junior edition which lacked of joystick and network. Later, it has been replaced by the PlusD.

Jurassic 128K
Appearently looking nothing special, this is one of the first 128K models from Sinclair in absolute. It is a Spanish version built by Investronica, where nearly everything is in Spanish, including the keyboard and the ROM messages . The hardware is an issue 7 - just for comparison, my original 128K model bought in Hong Kong is an issue 9B. What's that circle in the top right corner? Yes, it's a beeper! Unlike later models, this 128K has the AY-38912 but the audio is still played through the buzzer and is not sent to the TV! Aargh!

It's the keypad of the beast above, also in Spanish. Supposed to be a handy input device, maybe like a mouse with many buttons and no ball :-) but hardly used by anyone... It is supported by the 128K full screen editor and its functions are also available via EXTended keypresses.

If you have pictures of other Sinclair related curiosities and you want them to be included into this page, send us an email at ramsoft@bbk.org ! Thanks to Andrea Fregoli for the scans.