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Links to other resources

Last updated: October 24th 2002

Here are the links to some Speccy sites all over the world. Note that other topic-specific links are available into the various sections of the site. In no particular order:

World of Spectrum The world's official ZX Spectrum software repository. Excellent search engine.
The Spectrum FAQ Official comp.sys.sinclair FAQ site by Philip Kendall.
El Mundo Del Spectrum Great Spanish site, featuring a very nice look, recent news and lots of interesting stuff.
GameStage Platinum Cool Spectrum gaming site.
Spectrum Webring The starting point for a long chain of sites.
Virtual TRDOS Huge russian archive for Betadisk (TRDOS).
Acid Nature A great latvian demoscene site.
ZX Museum Another big russian site with lots of mirrors (including WOS)
Cha0site Great russian site and very demoscene oriented!
Andy Barker's page A great Speccy fan! Has Amiga utils and emulators too.
Planet Sinclair A big norvegian archive, no more updated (?)
Raww Arse The best demoscene news site!
XZX homepage Home of the Unix Spectrum emulator.
Spectrum Hardware Index A complete list of all the peripherals ever produced.
Power of Sound Another great site for russian scene news.
Russian Spectrum Another page with eastern productions.
Hardware Do It Yourself Tech projects (including an IDE interface for Speccy).
Speccy RU Another russian site.
Demotopia The biggest collection of demos!
Spectrum +3e Home of the IDE hard-disk extensions for +3
Speccy Another russian site, with mirror of the FIDONET Spectrum area (ECHO).
Speccy games Site with games.
Exodus Homepage of the famous demogroup Exodus. Lots of demos and stuff (incl. Lazarus project).
X-agon's site Demoscene oriented site from an active demogroup.
Spectrumaniacos Spanish site with lots of tapes and disks for +3.
ZX Home Great site in Italian with pictures and info about tons of interfaces and Spectrum models.
CSS AIR collection Archive of complete games solutions in AIR format.
Desert Island Disks and Speccy Tour Home of the game competition Speccy Tour 2001, run by Michael Bruhn.
The TZX Vault Great collection of "perfect" TZX files, including rare pieces.
Hardware DIY site Some interesting hardware DIY projects, including an IDE interface.
O Universo Spectrum Personal homepage of a portoguese Speccy chap.
El Spectrum Hoy Great site with tons of resources, and home of the Speccy Tour 2002.